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  1. For any interested, I printed a number of packets of the Bearss maps (series 1, since series 2 focuses more on Fort Henry and the Union march to Fort Donelson) as well as the Civil War Trust map, which is pretty good and provides some topographical information. I'll bring them to the hike on Saturday. Looking forward to it!
  2. Ha! But that lecture wouldn't be half as fun!!
  3. Sounds like a great program! Looking forward to dusting off the knee brace and hiking (and crawling) around Shiloh again. Adam
  4. I would understand why the Davis Bridge battlefield would be added to Shiloh Nat'l Military Park, since it is a Corinth-related action. However, is there anything else that would be done out there? I visited the battlefield after the Epic Hike last November, and it seemed relatively well-preserved. What's the benefit to including it in the NPS? With regards to Parker's Crossroads, Shiloh is the closest NPS site, I believe. However, it's an unrelated engagement. Plus, when I visited it two years, the battlefield seemed fairly well preserved and better interpreted than most smaller battlefield
  5. I pre-ordered it a while back. It looks fantastic! Can't wait to get it. Adam
  6. Will Tim be bringing any copies of his new book? It should be out by the epic trek. Adam
  7. Thanks for taping and posting the videos. I almost made the drive up there, but life happened. Hope it was a good 150th!
  8. The "Civil War Books and Authors" blog is reporting that Tim Smith's comprehensive book on Shiloh will be out in November 2014. Amazon's giving a more precise date of November 3. http://cwba.blogspot.com/2014/05/shiloh-conquer-or-perish.html The blurb on Amazon describes it as emphasizing the second day, as Tim mentioned on the second walk last November. Should be good!! Adam
  9. Hello all, The NPS posted the schedule for this year's anniversary hikes on the Shiloh battlefield website (http://www.nps.gov/shil/planyourvisit/event-details.htm?eventID=561248-245777). I've copied it below. They look great! 152nd Battle of Shiloh Anniversary Schedule of Events (please call 731-689-5696 to register for any hikes) Saturday, April 5 - Demonstrations (Visitor Center Area): Artillery Firing Demonstrations - TBA 19th Century Wet Plate Photography Programs - TBA Civil War Drummer Boy Programs - TBA Battlefield Hikes: Terrain of Terror: Geography of the Battlefield 9:00 am - 1
  10. I'm a fan of the Hampton Inn at Corinth because it's central to other Civil War sites (e.g., Brice's Crossroads). It also has the added benefit of being right down the way from the Crossroads Ribshack... There's also a Hampton Inn at Pickwick Dam that's clean (recently renovated) and reasonably priced (I think it's about $10 less than the one is Corinth). It's closer to the battlefield than the Corinth Hampton, but it feels more isolated, and it's a bit more of a drive to food, etc.
  11. Thanks for posting these videos, Perry! I thought Tim's points on Lew Wallace's role on the Union right were particularly thought-provoking. Great tour!
  12. I'm a fan of all those circles on the map of the first hike!
  13. Day-long hike at Shiloh with Tim Smith...let me ponder over this one ...I'm in! Looking forward to it.
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