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  1. I look forward to the publication of your book. I have several others in the series and have been lamenting the lack of a volume on the Battle of Shiloh.
  2. Battlefield America prints a series of these maps. You can get them from www.trailheadgraphics.com. You can usually find them at the bookshop at the Shiloh VC (that's the Visitors' Center for those of us in the know). Don't leave home without one!
  3. Quite amusing. I learned a lot from that animation he was running. Despite my many visits and extensive (and extended) battlefield hikes there, I guess I just didn't understand the geography.
  4. I believe that I found it in Don Carlos Buell - Most Promising of All by Stephen D. Engle that as a "parlor trick" Buell would pick up his wife and place on the mantle of a fire-place to demonstrate his strength.
  5. The expression "white anting" is new to me but clear from the context. One can check the Wikipedia article for more details. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_anting
  6. I found my reference regarding date of rank. The ranking officers, with dates of rank, are Winfield Scott Major General Regulars 25 June 1861 George B McClellan Major General Regulars 14 May 1861 John C Fremont Major General Regulars 14 May 1861 Nathaniel P Banks Major General Volunteers 16 May 1861 John A Dix Major General Volunteers
  7. Must be Ben Butler who would have out-ranked those two naval officers. As I recall (but don't my reference have readily available), Butler was one of the early war commissioned major generals, causing great headaches for the Federals later in the war when their seniority entitled them to commands despite their evident incapacity.
  8. That last clue narrows the identity down to Nelson Grosvenor Nelson.
  9. We spent some time following the mach of Gladden's Brigade while on the Epic Hike of the 3rd Instant. After capturing Prentiss's camps, the brigade advanced nearly to the Hamburg-Purdy Road. Its position is marked by Tablet 383, which states "These regiments were in position here from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, April 6, 1862 and then advanced to north side of Peach Orchard." (The regiments being the 26th, 25th, 22nd, and 21st Alabama and the 1st Louisiana). In his report, as found in the OR, BG Jones Withers, commanding the divison to which Gladden's Brigade was assigned, wrote that he came upon "Gl
  10. Mona, Mark Weber, who came down to the 2014 Epic Hike (Chalmers' Brigade) with me, will be attending the 2018 Epic Hike. Please consider this message to be his reservation / meal ticket. I hope that I already have a reservation / meal ticket.
  11. I plan to attend. Since I don't want to spend essentially twenty-four hours round trip on the road for a one-day hike, I will lead a Not-So-Epic hike on Sunday, November 4, following the route of Trabue's Kentucky Brigade (with hint of Alabama in keeping with the theme of the Epic Hike) on the First Day, conditions permitting. Let's meet at Tour Stop 13 (Water Oaks Pond). We'll head over to Tablet 448 and then find our way to the junction of the Hamburg - Savannah and Corinth-Pittsburg Roads, where Trabue's Brigade closed the encirclement of the Hornet's Nest. Depending on our energy,
  12. Bjorn Skaptason's Hike on Veatch's Brigade and
  13. The Confederate dead numbered 1728, if I am to believe my Battlefield America map [and is the number given by David W Reed (pbuhn)]. Do we really think that 700 of them fell in the assault upon the Sixth Division? (OK, I know that someone will claim that the 16th Wisconsin killed them all.)
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