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  1. Mike, which hotel . . . if you don't mind me asking.
  2. Love these, Perry! Keep 'em coming.
  3. These are great, Perry! I just want to avoid the "She's fallen and she CAN'T get up" caption. That's my goal.
  4. Here's my own little Then & Now submission. The one on the left was taken in 2014, the one on the right in 2017. Note the angle of the sun, the position of the sunglasses, and the placement of the arms.
  5. See you there, fellow Oklahomans! My hair and I will be there as well.
  6. I'm glad you did. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Just 2 months now!
  7. Ha, Mona, I can take the hint . . . especially since I know I'm the one who puts the DRAG in bedraggled. I plan to be there in November, but I'll likely cheer on the hiking group from the sidelines.
  8. Bruce, We should be there by mid-day Friday. At least somewhere in the neighborhood . . . And going off what Mona said, I think Hank LIED to me!
  9. Sorry to hear about Gene's passing. Those hikes were a bit before my time with the group, so never had a chance to meet him. Thanks for sharing.
  10. You don't hear things like this often anymore in the world of online hotel reservations. But good to know the SDG group is being accommodated.
  11. Thanks, Hank. Good to know it's only about a 5 on the Bedraggled Scale. Hope maybe we'll see you there.
  12. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but what kind of terrain are we generally looking at for this hike? I mean . . . on a scale from 1 to Oh heck no!
  13. Michele

    Hello All

    Hello and welcome.
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