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  1. Ozzy I would be glad to share additional information about Oxford, Lafayette county and the University of Mississippi. I have listed a few sites below that may be of interest. Your comment about the 11th Mississippi is quite true but please realize that Lafayette county contributed many additional units to the Confederacy in fact over 20. One unit the Lamar Rifles (Company G) were incorporated with the University Greys (Company A) into the 11th. Perhaps this material should be moved to another thread but I am unable to do so. Regards Dave http://humphreys1625.homestead
  2. Ozzy You are very well informed about my neck of the woods and yes the University of Mississippi has quite a collection of documents as well as the Center for the Study of Southern Collection located on campus. Mississippi State University has very fine collection of materials about the ACV. If you are interested in any of these web sites let me know and I will be delighted to send them to you as well as any other information you wish to have about the campus, Oxford and North Mississippi. Oxford is about 110 miles Southwest of Shiloh and was the on the Mississippi Central Railroad a
  3. I am a retired administrator from the University of Mississippi and a amateur history buff, especially of the ACW. I have long visited this board and decided to join once I learned how from a very patient moderator. I look forward to increasing my knowledge of this pivotal American event. Regards David
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