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  1. Really hated to have missed this one. I had an ancestor in the 18th Alabama who was captured and died at Camp Douglas on May 26, 1862. Maybe next year...
  2. I like the way Halleck threw Pope under the stagecoach in the July 3 telegraph.
  3. By the same token, then...imagine if Pope had not gone East and was appointed to command the Army of the Tennessee rather than Grant. (I warned y'all I had too much time on my hands.)
  4. I was pondering this topic last night, and thought I would open this discussion. Suppose Grant had been transferred to the Eastern Theater in 1862 instead of Pope? How do you think the course of the war would have been altered? Given the machinations of Halleck against Grant after the Fort Donelson and Shiloh battles I realize that Lincoln would have been strongly advised to leave him in the West, but it raises an intriguing alternative if he had placed Grant st the head of the Army of Virginia in July 1862. What are your thoughts? Just the rambling thoughts of a man with too m
  5. In response to #1, how about following Samuel Lockett? Is there enough documentation about his reconnaissance and later actions to constitute an Epic Hike?
  6. Everyone, Sorry to do this at the eleventh hour, but I am going to have to cancel due to an illness in my family. Take lots of pictures and video, please. Everyone be safe and I'll try to make it next year. Mike
  7. I have made reservations at a motel in Savannah, thanks. I'm really looking forward to this.
  8. It looks like many of the motels in Savannah and Pickwick are already booked up for that weekend. I never realized these tours were so popular. ?
  9. Thanks y'all...I had not even considered Savannah.
  10. Halleck followed his "make haste slowly" philosophy to the letter during this campaign . Imagine how things might have been different if he had been more aggressive and slipped the reins of his subordinate commanders when they had upwards of 120,000 Federal troops assembled outside Corinth. The attack on and capture of the Russell House is another area of interest for me, as the 8th Missouri was also involved in that action. I am continually amazed by the amount of knowledge that can be found here.
  11. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel in the Corinth area? Every other time I have overnighted in that part of the world my lodgings were made of canvas. (Moderators, feel free to move this post if it needs to be under a different topic.)
  12. Thanks for the help, Ozzy. I'll have to take a look at the site when I come up in November. Mike
  13. Hello all, I was reading Philip Smith's diary the other day and I read about an engagement that occurred at a place called Pea Ridge on April 24, 1862, approximately 7 miles out from the Union camp. Does anyone know where that action took place? It sounds like it was a pretty spirited little fight. Thanks in advance, Mike
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