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  1. Jonny

    Thank you so much yes that's him you are a wizard after being wounded he was sent home and discharged from service for wound's received (family says he was shot or revived shrapnel in the belly that he never recovered from and couldn't work although he lived for many years he enlisted 12 Jan 1862 Nashville Tenn and was honorably Disc 26 June 1862 I have to visit this park soon thank you so much again.
  2. Jonny

    Thank you so much I have a cousin in Birmingham Alabama helping me cousin with information in Piedmont where most of the family are from I know he was with the 4th Alabama Infantry he was only in for six months enlisted and Nashville Tennessee and was wounded at Shiloh and then sent home and discharged because of wounds received he was never able to work again and my great-grandmother received a small pension years later again thank you search for places to start
  3. Jonny

    I hope I am doing this right hello thank you for allowing me in your group. I've recently been studying my family tree after my father passed and learned my great-grandfather Daniel Draper Davis served in the Confederate Army. All I know is he enlisted on the 12th of January 1862 in Nashville Tennessee and it says 4th Alabama Batt. He lived in Cherokee County Alabama he was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh and never recovered from his wounds his wife even received a pension on him so I'm told finding information on this unit has been a nightmare it seems it changed a lot looking for some help
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