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  1. That is really interesting. I remember reading about the 14th Wisconsin fighting with a different brigade the next day, but I had no idea that some of the 18th made it out of the Hornet's Nest. That makes things really interesting when thinking about their lines now!
  2. Good luck on finding info! They really were moved all over the place it seems. In some of the reports they are said to have moved back to the fence along the Peach Orchard and the house, and in other reports they don't mention that at all, but moving straight back to the position east of the road.
  3. Thanks for the link Ozzy! That cemetery is only about 30 minutes from where I live, so I will definitely have to check it out! I wonder why Cruft returned to command the 31st Indiana instead of continuing to command the brigade...I haven't looked too closely for it, but have wondered why they made the switch to Jacob Lauman. Terrible timing too as he took command of the brigade the day before the battle!
  4. It is strange that he doesn't mention it. In his Fort Donelson entries he writes about how he counted each shot from the gunboats and hated the sound. I'm wondering if he was just too exhausted to even care after the day they had, or perhaps he was on a steamer like Ozzy said.
  5. I forgot to mention in the original post, but when I was there in April for the anniversary hike, I went to all of the 17th's locations for both days and took pictures of each spot. If you would like to see the spots that Lt. Cox mentions, and a post war sketch of the man himself, feel free to head to my site where I have them posted.
  6. Below I have shared the Diary of Samuel K. Cox, a young lieutenant in the 17th Kentucky Infantry, while the regiment was at Pittsburg Landing. Cox and the 17th fought at Fort Donelson, and so, were some of the veteran troops Grant had at Shiloh. He offers key details that are corroborated by other accounts, which helps understand the complex movements of Lauman's brigade on April 6th and 7th, 1862. The combined 17th/25th Kentucky Infantry regiments are the only Kentucky regiments that fought both days for the Union, as the rest were marching with Buell's army. The 17th was from my town, so I h
  7. Wow, this is quite something. I have never seen this before. Makes me start thinking of the "what ifs" and those can be quite fun. If Bragg had been in command over there, would those forces have made it to Shiloh instead of never making it in time as Van Dorn? Interesting to think about. Thanks for posting!
  8. I would be all for the Trabue Hike. I think it would be interesting to follow Lauman's Brigade on the 6th and 7th (The 17th Kentucky was from my town...so that's why I would love that!) from their camps at Cloud Field, to the Peach Orchard, then across the road form Wicker Field, back to the last line, then over to Jones Field and beyond. These always take place in November, correct? My wife and I are expecting in November, so I might have to miss this anyway. I would love to go on one of Dr. Smith's hikes after watching all the videos and reading his book.
  9. It was great meeting the two of you on Thursday! I had an absolute blast and am so glad i was able to spend the day with others who enjoy learning about the battle as much as me. Hopefully I can make another one soon!
  10. Thanks for the info! I'll be coming down on the 5th for Dr. Gentsch's hike. I cleaned out my hiking pack today just in case. Definitely will be bringing plenty of water, and the extra socks is a good idea. See you there!
  11. Hello everyone, I will be attending one of the long, all day hikes this week at the park. Would a backpack and water bottles be recommended? Anyone else going to any of them? Derrick
  12. Thanks for posting Stan. Love seeing the stories with the images.
  13. Mona, I've been watching some of the hikes on YouTube, and they are great. I've watched the Bull Nelson video and the Lew Wallace hike from last year. I just started the Following AS Johnston today, and hopefully can finish it this week. I've noticed that there was one with Tim Smith and Ed Bearss at Fort Donelson in September. How does one find out when these tours/hikes take place? I'd love to make a November hike at Shiloh sometime, and any other with these two!
  14. I know this is quite late to post here, but I noticed Owensboro and thought I'd chime in. I live in and am from Owensboro, and with the city being on the Ohio, it was a frequent stop for steamboats. In my own research, I have found many steamers advertising in surrounding newspapers of making weekly trips from Owensboro to Louisville, Paducah, and even as far as Cincinnati. Several Federal gunboats were docked here at various times throughout the war, and in 1861, dozens of boats loaded with new regiments went down the Ohio and sometimes stopped at Owensboro or even Rockport, which is right
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