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  1. This was, of course, a fiction on Grant's behalf. As Feis has pointed out, Grant was obsessed with Columbus and resisted moving against Fort Henry etc. In fact, the movement against Fort Henry was part of McClellan's 3rd January order to Halleck, and was designated as a feint attack. The main effort would be on the Cumberland against Dover (i.e. Ft Donelson). However, the rebels gave up the fort, and hence it was occupied. Grant doesn't appear to get on board with the idea of a Ft Henry attack until after CF Smith returns after the 25th January.
  2. Most people reference Gott's book when giving Confederate strength at Fort Donelson. Gott mostly uses the "tabular statement" compiled at the time: He then proceeds to make a few imputations for units not included above. Investigation has shown that every unit he imputed is already in this list. They are: Culbertson's Battery of 300; these were the men manning the water battery, but were detachments from units in the list. The battery was manned by Maury's (Ross') battery, Coy A of 30th TN and Coy A of 50th TN. These units are on the list, and Gott double counts them. Melton'
  3. Regular and volunteer rank are different, and were set separately. The regular army clearing out was published as GO64 of 1861, and it made Halleck a MG in the regular army dated 19th August 1861, and hence 4th ranking general in the whole army (after Scott, McClellan and Fremont). GO62 related to the volunteer force, and BG(V) seniority was based on regular army seniority. If you look at the list, all currently serving officers are first, in order of seniority. WT Sherman as Col of the 13th Inf, and hence was very high up the list. Buell was a regular Lt Col, and so listed below the Col
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