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  1. Interesting. John F. Reynolds, George Meade, and Ord were all brigade commanders in the Pennsylvania Reserves in the fall of 1861 -- quite a bit of talent there. Two future army commanders, and the third probably should have been. I know Meade was ticked that Ord was promoted after Dranesville.
  2. Thank you. I've always thought highly Everett Peabody and his role at Shiloh. He is somebody I'd like to learn more about.
  3. To be honest, I am more familiar with the John Pope of Second Bull Run than the John Pope of Island No. 10. In that instance, Pope was put in a very difficult position. Of course, he did not necessarily help himself very much either. What if Grant had been called east in July 1862 instead of Pope? I am not convinced he would have been a whole lot more successful than Pope was. In any event, it was a good thing for the North that it was Pope who was called east. If it had been Grant I'm not sure there would have been a Vicksburg.
  4. One reason why Pope was selected to command in Virginia was that Lincoln knew him personally and he had never met Grant. Also Pope was a known Republican, whereas Grant's political position was not so well known in the administration.
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    I am pleased to join the group and am hoping to learn a bit about this battle. My own interest in the Civil War dates back to when I was a young kid growing up at the James A. Garfield home in Mentor, Ohio. We lived on the property and I spent many hours in the Garfield home and museum. Among the things in the collection that fascinated me was Garfield's sword and sidearm. I'm not sure if these were with him at Shiloh though.
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