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How to find your way around the board

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Welcome. :) A little information to simplify your visit and help make it more enjoyable...

How to Sign in

First things first, the place to access your member information, as well as to sign in and out of the board, can be found in the upper-right corner of the screen, all the way at the top.  Just click the Sign in link, fill in your screen name and password like normal, and you'll be good to go. 

Accessing Your Profile Information

Once you're signed in, clicking on your member icon or the little down-arrow next to your screen name will bring up a pop-up box with the various options that go with your member profile. Feel free to check them out and make use of them.  Among other things, you have the ability to start up a blog, as well as create your own personal photo gallery.

Navigating the Board

The navigation menu along the top of the board has three main tabs - Browse, Activity, and Support. Clicking on a tab will give you more options as follows -

Browse tab

Under the "Browse" tab you'll find seven additional tabs - Forums, Blogs, Gallery, Calendar, Chat, Staff, and Online Users.

The default setting is the Forums tab, as this is obviously the heart of the board, and takes you to the main forums page. From there, you can scroll through the various forums and see a list of current and past discussions (topics). "Old" discussions are not yet archived, and with few exceptions are considered active and can still accept new posts. (A small handful have been closed to replies, but they truly are the exception.) So don't feel like something is too old to re-visit if you want to jump in. Conversely, you can always start a new topic if you wish. Either way is fine. 

The Blogs and Gallery tabs will take you to a list of public member blogs, and photos that our members have shared. 

The Calendar will list upcoming events related to Shiloh and related parks (Corinth, Fort Donelson, etc.), as well as any member or board-related gatherings. 

The Chat room is a members-only area for live arguments. :)

Staff shows a list of the board administrator and moderators. 

Finally, Online Users displays board members currently online.

Activity tab

All Activity - Clicking on this tab will show you all of the activity on the board since your last visit.

My Activity Stream - Allows you to sort by unread content, content you started, content that you follow, content by members you follow, or new content in discussions in which you're taking part. 

The next two tabs - Unread Content, and Content I Started, are identical to the sub-tabs under My Activity Stream

Finally, Search lets you look for something on the board using various criteria to help you narrow down your search.

Support tab

For now, if you're having problems of some kind on the board, I would prefer that you submit your support request through the Contact Us link that you'll find along the bottom of each page, or simply click on the email address in my profile. 

Once again, welcome to our little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy it, and come to consider it one of your favorite online homes.


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