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Map Case for either Trailhead or the Reed Maps

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Another great Shiloh Anniversary has come and gone....


Someone was asking me where I purchased my map case that I use for both my Reed and Trailhead maps.  I purchased mine through Amazon but not from Amazon. It came from Military Uniform Supply and it is manufactured by Raine, Inc.  It is called a Jumbo Map Case. 


It cost $19.99 and another $6.95 in shipping.  (I thought it was closer to $15.)  It is model 29J and measures 27" by 36".  It is just an inch or two too small for the Trailhead map, but I fold the top couple of inches back.

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Bruce, I just got a Jumbo Map Case, 27 x 36, and the trailshead map fits fine:


Now I have to wonder if I have a smaller version of the map?? I was a little disappointed there were no metal grommet holes for hanging on the wall, but a couple of clips from an old pair of suspenders served. Recycling lives!


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