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How out of the way is Shiloh?

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We all know Shiloh is not on the beaten path, which, in my opinion, is part of what makes it so great. If you need further proof of this, read the comment of the appraiser on a property I'm trying to buy in the town of Shiloh:


Hi Jim,

Here is the latest update from the appraiser.


Should have the appraisal back in a few days.


Subject: Other

Additional Comments: Hello, please be advised that the appraiser is experiencing difficulties with finding comparable properties as this is a very rural area and as such, the completed report will be delivered on or before 7/1. We will provide further updates as they are received. Thank you!



Don't ya just love it!!!




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Am embarrassed to admit this, but a few years ago, took my wife and daughter on a family driving holiday from Washington, D.C. down the East Coast to Cape Canaveral, and then west, to California, stopping at all the points of interest along the way, over the course of six weeks. Got to Vicksburg, Mississippi and spent a fair bit of time (really enjoyed USS Cairo)... and I thought that Shiloh was in Mississippi, just east of Vicksburg. When I found out it was 'someplace in Tennessee;' and having had a disappointing visit to Fort Henry (on the same river) a year or two earlier; and not being able to find anyone who had ever been there... we decided not to go.


Seems like Shiloh is one of those places you choose to go. It's not someplace you stop by, on the way to someplace else. 



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As is true of most destinations, your enjoyment of them would have been greater with more research and reading of them.  True of Fort Henry as it is mostly under water with only a sign indicating it once stood nearby.  You can see the sign but not the fort.  Were you aware of the third fort nearby, Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River is the second fort and Fort Heiman is the third fort.  Actually, Fort Heiman is across the river from Fort Henry but little remains today.  It had a much better site to place a fort to close the river against those damn Yankees.  Google Fort Heiman and see what you missed.  



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I agree. One need only observe what happened to Dodge City, Kansas, or what is currently happening to Franklin Battlefield, to appreciate the significance of isolation.



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