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Corinth Anniversary

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Greetings all,


There will be some great walking/car-caravan tours in Corinth this weekend starting on Friday October 3. This year the days of the week coincide with those of 1862 and the rangers at the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center will be leading tours to the different parts of the battlefield at the same time the events were unfolding 152 years ago. Check out the link to the Shiloh website (yes, the Interpretive Center is a part of Shiloh) for a full schedule of the tours.


The talks will be led by Rangers Tom Parson, Jim Minor, Rachel Winters, and Charlie Spearman.They are all free! Give the park a call for more details at 662-287-9273. Or better yet, check out the website -




FYI - 152 years ago today Col. John Oliver's brigade marched from their Corinth camps to Chewalla, TN to scout the location of Van Dorn's Army of West Tennessee. The Union knew the Confederates were on the move but were unsure of the destination. The 14th and 18th Wisconsin made the hike to Chewalla where they met up with the 15th Michigan already in camp above the town. They will soon be joined by two howitzers of Munch's Battery, 1st Minnestoa Light Artillery. It will be Oliver's brigade that open's the battle in two days at Alexander's Crossroads.




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