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To Ozzy

Yes, fires burned on the battlefield the day of the battle.  They were started by the explosions of munitions and the fighting impeded the efforts to put the fires out.  Some wounded soldiers were consumed by these fires.  The area around the sunken road and the woods below is a area that comes to mind with fires.


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Off topic... But I ran across this report in Middle Tennessee Eyewitnesses to the Civil War: Confederates with the sub-heading 'Isaac Taylor Tichenor, Captain and Chaplain, 17th Alabama, Jackson's Brigade, Wither's Division' [Tichenor Papers, Auburn University]


"Tichenor slips forward to scout the Federal line, and find out where the heavy fire in front is coming from:


'I went up on the parade ground of the Federals' camp -- I crept up behind the trees and then moved to the rear of the camp. I saw a large trunk in the rear of the Officers Quarters. It was open, and I discovered that it belonged to Colonel B. Allen of Michigan (in the 16th Wisconsin). In it were many clothes, and there was a beaded purse in the top part of the trunk, containing $20 in gold... It would be mean to take it, for myself... I finally decided to keep the purse, which I gave to Mrs. Ellsworth, my sister-in-law. I gave the $20 to the Hospital. I went forward and found a large shawl in front of the camp, with a bullet hole in it. I hung it over my shoulders, planning to give it to Major Burwell. I went further into the camp, and found all in order for Sunday inspection. The officer's breakfast was still on the table..."


Seen it before?




http://www.midtneyewitnesses.com/eyewitness-book-series/shiloh/confederate-soldier   (Scroll about 90% of way down)

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