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2015 Epic Trek With Tim Weekend

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If you'd like to go straight to the payment link for this year's hike. you can find it here - 




Epic is Back!


The new phone book is here, the new phone book is here! 


Whoops, wait a moment.....sorry for going all Steve Martin on you, but I guess I'm kind of excited to announce our 2015 Epic Trek with Tim Weekend! This year's gathering is on November 6th, 7th, and 8th, with Tim's hike taking place on the 7th. We're returning for our fourth consecutive year with Tim, so we've just about become a thing! But hey, we can't help it if Tim's hikes are that good, becoming that popular, and that we enjoy them that much. It's just reality!


And this year for the first time, we're expanding due to popular demand! In addition to our usual day-long trek with Tim on Saturday, we will also be hosting a sunrise photo shoot on Saturday and/or Sunday morning, two talks on Friday, and another hike on Sunday morning. All for free, and given by members of our discussion group. The cost for attending Tim Smith's hike will again be an incredibly reasonable $30, and remains the central focus of the weekend as always. 


The exact times of these 'extras' will be announced soon, but for now this is what you can plan on - 


Friday, November 6th -


A presentation on Everett Peabody, his life and his role at Shiloh, by Perry Cuskey. Location for the talk will be the Everett Peabody monument at Tour Stop 9. (May include a fairly short hike as well. Details on that soon.)


A presentation on the 16th Wisconsin Infantry, by SDG member Jim Oates. Location for this presentation will be at the campsite marker for the 16th Wisconsin.


As many of you know, Jim's grandfather took part in the battle of Shiloh as a member of the 16th Wisconsin. Jim has acquired a considerable amount of knowledge and information on his grandfather's regiment, and we'll have the privilege of hearing him talk about their experience at Shiloh on the ground where they fought. Don't miss this one!


Likely we'll have one presentation on Friday morning, a break for lunch, and the second presentation in the early afternoon. Jim and I will flip a couple of Yankee coins to see who goes first!


Saturday, November 7th - 


5:30 a.m. (tentative) - Sunrise at Shiloh with Mike Talplacido. (Location to be determined.) Mike has won several awards for his outstanding photos, including the coveted Grand Prize for the Civil War Trust's 2014 Photography Contest. (Yes I'm jealous, what of it?!) So if you'd like some in-the-field tips from an award-winning photographer while enjoying the haunting beauty of a Shiloh sunrise, here's your chance! It's early and it's worth it! (Possibly to take place on Sunday morning. Stay tuned!)


8:00 a.m. - Epic Trek with Tim: Artillery at Shiloh. (Starting point to be determined.) The main event! Historian, former park ranger, author, and all around swell guy Professor Tim Smith will lead us on an epic hike through the park while delving into the role of various artillery batteries at Shiloh, and their impact on the fighting. Among other things, Tim will explain how the terrain at Shiloh affected the use and effectiveness of artillery in this terribly confusing battle. 


This is scheduled to be a day-long hike, and as always will include a lunch-break around noon. We'll be covering a lot of ground, and terrain in the park can vary from easy to are-you-kidding-me?! We'll likely cover the gamut, so come prepared with some good hiking boots/shoes, and some clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty. It's also highly recommended that you bring along extra water and snacks, and map of the park will help you stay oriented during the hike. Backpacks are a common site on Tim Hikes, so join in!


Sunday, November 8th - 


10:00 a.m. (tentative) - ​In the Footsteps of Trabue's Brigade, by SDG member Transylvania. Tentative starting point for this hike is in front of Confederate burial trench #3, beside Woolf Field. Plan on approximately a two-hour hike.


The Confederate brigade of Robert P. Trabue spent much of their time at Shiloh on the far western side of the battlefield, guarding the Confederate left flank, and taking part in the brutal fighting in near Woolf Field during the brief Union counter-attack through that area on April 6th. They were also part of the unsuccessful attempt to stem the Union advance on April 7th. SDG board member Transylvania will lead us on a hike re-tracing the route of the this brigade at Shiloh, and relating the story of their often overlooked experience during the battle. So do your morning stretches and join us for this great learning experience!


I'll be updating the information here as we go, and I'll be sure to alert everyone when I do so. Still, you'll want to check back every so often. You never know what new tidbits might await!


To sign up for Tim's hike, simply click on this link and away you go - 




Questions? Comments? Concerns? Epic Praise ahead of the Epic Weekend? Just reply to this post or send me a PM. 


I'm really looking forward to this year's get-together, and I hope to see all of you there!



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If you'd like to go straight to the payment link for this year's hike. you can find it here -    http://shilohdiscussiongroup.com/index.php?/store/   Epic is Back!   The new phone book is here, the ne

I don't consider it a true visit to the Shiloh National Military Park unless one traverses the depths of Dill Branch on foot at least twice.

One more . . .  

Seeing as I was born to a poor black family, I ain't payin'.


Ha,well how about if I give you a ride to the end of the fence?:)


Due to business travel, I may be unable to participate.  While I am preparing to lead the ​In the Footsteps of Trabue's Brigade hike, circumstances may preclude me from doing so. I shall keep this August forum informed of my plans.

I certainly understand, and even though I hope you can make it, business has to come first! Thanks for letting us know!

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So Perry . . . Where do you think the majority of the terrain on this hike falls on the Easy to Are-You-Kidding-Me spectrum?Asking for a friend . . . ;)

Hard to say for sure at this point Michele, but it won't equal last year's ravine romp on the difficulty scale. We may hit a couple of those same ravines at some point,and/or Tillman Branch,but not to the same extent. So I guess on the easy-kidding me scale, I'd say about in the middle,just to be safe. :)

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Wordpix John and NoleAdam......


Goodness!   Maybe in the future the planners need to start thinking about adding some sit down lectures at the Visitors Center for those members who are "hiking-the-ravines challenged".  Individual SDG members could then choose between taking the hike with Tim (more challenging) or attending the lectures (less challenging) that day.  That way everyone could participate without sliding, falling, and twisting things they shouldn't!!!  :)   Something to think about. 



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NoleAdam.........Probably not as much fun, but at least it would provide an option for those who aren't physically able to hike for health or other reasons.  I know the Gettysburg Foundation successfully added such a program to their Spring and Fall musters several years ago and they are well attended.



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One great thing about this year is the addition of the Friday talks and the sunrise photo quest. Those should be terrific opportunities to learn and visit with fellow group members--with little to no walking involved. (Of course, Jim, Perry, and Mike might have other plans!) :)

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Right, Belle. I had to have a hip replaced after the first hike with Tim. May be back in shape to try again this year.We'll see.



Wow John, sorry to hear about that. We've missed you at the park though, so hopefully you can make it out for this one. 


I can guaranty that any talk I give will be extremely walk limited!



Same here Jim. I've decided that my Peabody talk will be just that, without any walking involved. So Friday is all about hanging out with The Bad Boys of the First Brigade! 

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It is with deep regret that I must withdraw from leading a hike on Sunday, November 8.  I am traveling to Slovenia October 10 -17 (more glamorous than it sounds) and to Brazil October 24 -31 (less glamorous than it sounds).  The Epic Hike is the next weekend.  I don't think that Mrs Transylvania would like it if I were gone for five straight weekends.

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Sorry for the long delay folks, but here is our updated schedule for our hike weekend:


Friday, November 6th


10:30 a.m. - Presentation on Union Colonel Everett Peabody, by Perry Cuskey (Approx. 60 - 90 minutes). Location will be in front of the Peabody monument at Tour Stop #9. (See link at the bottom of this post for a map of the park.)


1:30 p.m. - Presentation on the 16th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, by SDG member Jim Oates (Approximately 90 minutes). Location will be in front of the 16th Wisconsin's campsite marker along Peabody Road, near the junction with the Eastern Corinth Road. 


Saturday, November 7th


5:30 a.m. - Sunrise at Shiloh, with Mike Talplacido. Mike is working out the details for this photography-based outing, but it's definitely a go so plan on joining us! We'll post an update on where we'll be meeting up that morning. 


8:00 a.m. - Epic Trek with Tim: Artillery at Shiloh. Tim's hike will begin and end at the former site of Ed Shaw's restaurant, just south of the park, at the junction of Tennessee highways 22 & 142. There's ample parking, and we will be hiking into the park from that location. As always, lunch will be provided courtesy of Mona, aka our Food Angel, and will be at the visitors center area. From there we'll head back south, and end our hike where we began, at Ed Shaw's and our vehicles. 


Total distance for Tim's hike will be approximately 10 - 12 miles, and will last all day, ending around 5:00. (Roughly, as you know if you've been on previous hikes. :) )Tim will be leading us on a mostly chronological tour of various artillery positions during the battle, tell us about each unit, and explain what was taking place at that location as well as in the surrounding area during the battle. The hike will cover events from both days. 


If you've joined us for any of our previous treks with Tim, you already know how great they are, both in terms of what you get to see, and what you learn along the way. If you haven't joined us before, what's wrong with y......I mean, be sure to do so this time! :) You'll be glad you did!


Sunday, November 8th


Alan unfortunately can't join us this year, so his planned hike on Pond's brigade has been cancelled. (Boo hiss!) I'm tentatively planning on a Then-and-Now driving/hiking outing instead, using old pictures of the early-day park.  It would start around 10:00, and probably last a couple of hours. At least for anyone who can still walk, after Saturday. Or in other words, I may not be able to take part in this one, even though I'm supposed to lead it. :) But I'm working on putting it together! 


Here's a zoom-able map of the park, courtesy of the NPS's Shiloh website.....




Questions or comments, simply reply here, send me a PM, or email me at pcuskey@gmail.com. Thanks, and if I don't see you at the park in November, I'll just have to come find you! ;)



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