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2015 Epic Trek With Tim Weekend

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If you'd like to go straight to the payment link for this year's hike. you can find it here -    http://shilohdiscussiongroup.com/index.php?/store/   Epic is Back!   The new phone book is here, the ne

I don't consider it a true visit to the Shiloh National Military Park unless one traverses the depths of Dill Branch on foot at least twice.

One more . . .  



I think some of the group (at least our fearless leader, Perry) is still on the road heading home to Oklahoma.  I'm sure once everyone is home, unpacked, and rested, there will be a field report or two.  (I'm looking forward to them, too!  :))




P.S.  I already have my reservation in for the Epic Trip with Tim at Shiloh next year!  (Hopefully, life doesn't get in the way, this time.)

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Ms Belle, you bring back happy memories of five years in Lynchburg.  I might not have been quite as close to those fields as you, but I was not too far away. With my present location, I am a mere three hours or less from Sharpsburg and Harper's Ferry and a little more time from Gettysburg.  I haven't been to Gettysburg in over fifteen years and even longer for Sharpsburg. It's been two months since I was last at Harper's Ferry but it was a rainy Saturday.


Perhaps, I do need to get out to these nearer fields....

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A few pictures from this past weekend . . .


Jim on Friday, before the rain:






Saturday morning near Shaw's, when my feet still felt sorta-kinda normal:






Hey, how'd they get so far ahead?!






And just over that ridge . . .






The group . . . before some people defected. ;)






Then Tim shooed us all out of the way . . .






Alright, if you insist . . . permission granted to use this as your next "About the Author" photo. ;)






Sunday's Then and Now:






Tony Gone Wild!






The Mississippi monument as the day was fading . . .



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Ozzy, Tony has posted 2 videos of the walk on Youtube, Artillery at Shiloh with Tim Smith, parts 1 and 2. He also posted it to SDG site on Facebook. I'm watching part 1 right now. Tim's walks seemed to be great from the front room, on a 60" TV, with a hot cup of coffee. Thanks Tony!


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