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Epic Trek 2015: Stragglers Edition

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We had another outstanding weekend of trekking through the park, thanks to our Epic Hike leader Tim Smith. A trek with Tim invariably leads to things you haven't seen or really noticed, information you did not know, human interest stories that bring life to the battle, and a perspective on things you may never have considered. However much you knew before, you still leave feeling more enlightened.

Maybe that's just me. But I doubt it. :)

Our Friday talks went 1 for 2, with the Peabody talk ending up being a fun bull session for the five of us who showed up. :) Jim did give us a great presentation that afternoon on his grandfather's regiment, the 16th Wisconsin. Complete with some spirited descriptions of Jim's (not so) favorite officer, Benjamin Prentiss! :)

On Sunday, a few of us met up in the visitors center parking lot for a small then-and-now tour, starting in the cemetery and ending at Spain Field after maybe four or five stops. Thankfully for my leg muscles it involved more driving than walking. And it was fun to boot!

We'll get Tony's videos of Tim's hike posted on the board very soon. And we've also got a bit of a surprise announcement concerning next year Epic Trek. But that will keep for now, because I'm evil that way. :) I'm pretty sure you'll like it though. (If you were on this year's hike, you probably already know!)

Seriously big Thank You to Tim Smith for taking us on these hikes. They always get rave reviews. And Tim wrote me that he enjoys them as much as we do. So we haven't run him off yet! :)

A big Thank You to Mona as well for feeding us again. At her own expense I might add. Because that's the kind of person she is.

A big Wisconsin-sized Thank You to Jim for his presentation on the 16th Wisconsin. I know it's not your favorite subject, but you soldiered through it. :) Gramps would have approved.

And finally, thanks to the folks who joined us this year. It was great to see everyone again. Especially Steve since he picked up lunch on Friday. Even if it was eight years late! ;)


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Absolutely, Perry.  The weekend was the perfect mix of trekking, learning, relaxing, and visiting.


And let's not forget that Jeani might have worked herself into a permanent job.  That's what happens when you show up for Epic Trek weekend with enough homemade cookies and muffins to feed a small army. :)

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