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April 8 "Living Images" program

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Bjorn wanted me to distribute this file as best we could. I will start with this site. 

This document will be used for Bjorn's April 8 program. Due to a variety of reasons (i.e. size of the file, the need for an electronic device) it needs to be distributed before the car tour on April 8.

Let me know if you are able to download this file.



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Thanks, Bruce.  I succeeded in downloading the file from here, but if anybody has problems they can contact me.  I will try my best to get you the file.

The program is designed to include digital images loaded on an electronic device.  Some folks might be able to share, and those without tablets might be able to look at someone else's iPad.  I will bring the file with me on a thumb drive, so people will be able to load the file right up until show time, barring interference from digital gremlins.   I will not be providing any printed version of the slide show.

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Bruce and Mona - don't kill Old Abe off so easy. :) He was alive when Clark Mills made that mask.  Put plaster on the Prez's face, let it dry and popped it right off.  Straws in the nose so he could breath.  Then he used the mold to create a bronze bust. That was approximately January, 1865.  There was no death mask made of President Lincoln.

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