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Death of a Civil War Enthusiast

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During the 150th or 151st Anniversary, a couple of you may remember my friend from Champaign, IL, who joined me for several hikes.   Gene Heitman was a great guy who loved the Civil War and was definitely "one of us."  Gene passed away about a week ago.  Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.  He was only 57 years old and his ailments were complicated by type 1 diabetes.

He never married and his family asked if anyone had any pictures of him. I have none, after looking through about 10 SD cards.  If you have any I am sure the family would love to see them. I have not rewatched Tony's videos but will and see if I can spot him.  He loved Shiloh and had family that fought there. He was very impressed the way you have all welcomed me and how the regulars to Shiloh are really close and in our own way are a family.  You all made him feel like part of that family during his visit and he commented to me several times how much fun he had, in no small part to all of you.

Bruce Butler, Champaign, IL


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i do remember him.so sad to hear of his passing.i dont have him in any of my pictures..hopefully Tony's videos will capture a few momemts of him here at Shiloh.will keep his family and friends in my thoughts and prayers in this time of loss. mona

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