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Col Whitfield's Frock coat...

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I wanted to let yall know that the Friends of Shiloh..which many of you are members and the rest of yall I'd like to see become members...and the Park have been offered an opportunity to purchase a frock coat worn by Col Francis Whitfield of the 9th Miss.on the 6th of April,1862.He accepted the surrender of Col.William Shaw and the 14th Iowa at the Hornest's Nest.He was severely wounded the next day and the bullet hole and blood stains are still present.You can go to our site...friendsofshiloh.org to see pictures(they are not very good though but the best that we could post at this time)I do ask that if yall would like to make a donation of any amount it will be greatly appreciated..The seller has given us 2 months...he really wants it to be here at shiloh.We really want it to stay here as the Park s does not have a Confederate officer's uniform.The asking price is 20,000 and  it will require significant restoration but we want to purchase it first.Then in a few years the park is planning a big remodel of the museum at the VC and this item will be the centerpiece.So by the time the remodel has been completed we will have this uniform ready...There is a paypal button or you can send a check to the address on the site.Thank you Mona

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