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Seeing as how just the idea of bending over to place or light illuminations sends shivers up my spine that gives me a back ache, Mona decided to volunteer me as quartermaster to the volunteers and Park staff. It seems Stan gave her a bunch of money that is to be used for the 155th. I have a plug in cooler for the truck and am going to get some supplies. I was figuring water, soda, some lunchables, sandwich fixings and chips. Anybody who has any reasonable suggestion, I'm open to them. Could be a long day.




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Im glad jim posted this above info..for those that are going to help...here's the "plan"...First the Park personnel are going to line the roads so the areas designated are "up for adoption".The Shiloh SCV Camp is going to work the 2 Burial trenches on the route,Shiloh Action committee(local group) are going to do Barnes Field,Shiloh Church members will do around the Church,Friends of Shiloh will be helping ..and we can do Peabody's monument(it will have 50 luminaries)so it wont take long to set out after Bjorn's last hike,which will end at 4pm.As you read...they want these areas "tended"till 10pm..I thought we could get some chairs and sit and take time about checking our region(exactly how much of Peabody rd were to monitor has yet to be determined.if yall have any suggestions ?i'm acquiring the lighters as one/person just wont be enuf.

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Different route from the 150th. Including some things they didn't include for the 150th, and leaving out some things they did. It must be kind of tough deciding what to skip. I kind of hate that they're leaving out Gladden's monument and Spain Field, even though I understand why. 

Maybe we could monitor Peabody Road down to the 21st Missouri, and Jim can spring out and scare people from the 16th Wisconsin campsite. That would make an impression on the visitors. 

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