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Since the very beginning, the Battle of Shiloh has been a magnet for controversy: "Grant was absent until 9am..."  --  "Where was Lew Wallace?"  --  "Buell saved Grant..."  --  "Sherman was the Hero of the Battle..."

Of course, there are just as many claims and counter claims on the Confederate side... General Beauregard at Shiloh is only three dozen pages long, but packed into those 36 pages are several of the controversies surrounding the Confederate failure to win Victory on April 6th: and Yves Reni Le Monnier (as a member of Company B of the Crescent Regiment, which was attached to Pond's Brigade) attempts to address them all:

  • Polk's role in the delayed march from Corinth;
  • Bragg's role in the delayed start of the Battle (April 6th vice April 5th)
  • Federal gunboat contribution;
  • "One last charge [against Grant's Last Line] would-a done it"
  • Prentiss saved Grant from annihilation;
  • Death of Albert Sidney Johnston and the role played in defeat.

But of particular interest: Lemonnier identifies four key reasons why the Federals won the Battle; (and Major Powell of the 25th Missouri is given recognition; and so is D.W. Reed for his efforts in presenting a true record.) Lemonnier published this work in 1913, primarily in response to all the "piling on" of blame to fellow Louisianan, PGT Beauregard, and in process appears to have initiated a one-man Shiloh Discussion Group, one hundred years ago.




Reference:   http://archive.org/stream/generalbeauregar00lemo#page/n1/mode/2up  General Beauregard at Shiloh by Y. R. Le Monnier, published by Graham of New Orleans (1913) and available online via archive.org



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