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Shiloh Battlefield Marker Returned

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Not long ago, a friend of mine saw on Craiglists that a Battlefield Position Marker from Shiloh was up for sale. This struck him as odd, and sent me the listing over Facebook to see for myself. The marker itself is #402, Day 2 action, Jones Withers' Division, Chalmer's 2nd Brigade that states:

C. S.
Chalmers' (2d) Brigade,
9th MISS., 7th MISS., 5th MISS., 10th MISS.,
Withers' (2d) Division,
Bragg's Corps.
This brigade was engaged here on Monday, April 7, 1862,
until about 1 p.m.
My friend then contacted Shiloh National Military Park and informed them of what he had seen, and for the park to hopefully have it returned. I am very pleased to announce, it is indeed done. The Park Service responded saying the Marker was back in their possession, and that it had been taken from the Battlefield over 40 years ago. It looks a bit worn due to age, so I'm sure that it'll be spruced up a bit and retake it's rightful place on the Battlefield. So good news all around! :)
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Thank You !!! Maybe a picture will be posted of this marker on the marker ID/location page at the park.Right now it states "no marker available".This used to set in the triangle of  Hamburg-Purdy rd and Hamburg-Savannah rd and the little curved access road .Thanks.Maybe it will be put back up.The cannon that used to be there was Hit by car so they took it up.



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On my trip to Shiloh about 1999, I wanted to photograph the confederate plaques that had mention of artillery positions.  This because I had noticed that the movements of the rebel batteries were hard to follow because of gaps in their narration (positions).  A certain plaque was mentioned and I found its position on the Trailhead map, so off We went (wife and me) but sadly, the plaque was missing from its location as was the cannon which had been on display nearby.  I thought of calling the park to report it missing but I then thought they already knew about it being missing. So,  I did not call to report it missing and I now realize that Mona's post above confirms that they knew it was gone.  At that time, the plaque and the cannon were both gone.  Oh well, many more cannons and plaques to photograph.  My surprise is that a cannon I knew was missing has now been confirmed and a little history of the cannon is given.  I enjoyed these above posts.  Thanks


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