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UDC Monument Rededication

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The attached link:  Minutes of the 24th Annual Convention UDC at Chattanooga on November 13th 1917 provides detail of the creation and dedication of the UDC Monument at Shiloh Battlefield, pages 297- 307.





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Just to illustrate how "connections are to be found in the most unexpected places..."

On page 55 of the Minutes of the 24th Annual Convention of the UDC (mentioned above), among the names of office-holders of the different chapters of the organization, is "Mrs. Augusta Inge -- Honorary President of the Corinth Chapter No.333." It turns out, Mrs. Inge had quite a story to tell...

Residing in Corinth at the commencement of the Rebellion, her husband, William Murphy Inge, joined the 12th Mississippi Infantry, and was away "fighting for Southern Independence" ...when the Confederate Army from Bowling Green -- what was left of it after the disaster at Fort Donelson -- arrived in town; and the Commanding General needed a place to stay. Major Inge returned to Corinth on furlough, and offered use of his home to General Albert Sidney Johnston; and the General accepted. In gratitude, General Johnston offered Major Inge a position on his Staff; William Inge politely declined, explaining he had already accepted a position on the Staff of Brigadier General Charles Clark (see DW Reed's,  The Battle of Shiloh and the Organizations Engaged, page 42.) Mrs. Inge acted as hostess to the visiting General; and later recalled: "It was a sad moment when the boys from the South moved out of Corinth, with bands playing, "Then You'll Remember Me" and "The Girl I Left Behind Me." General Johnston had a parting word of comfort for Mrs. Inge, before he rode away: "Madame, I am going out to fight for the protection of your home."

But, the story does not end there. For the rest (including Augusta Evans Inge's role in collecting funds for the UDC Monument at Shiloh) read pages 73-77 of Otto Eisenschiml's booklet, The Story of Shiloh  http://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=uiug.30112047583494;view=1up;seq=85 (courtesy of hathitrust).


N.B.  And Mrs. Inge was a witness to the return of General Johnston's body to Corinth on Monday 7 April; and became involved in "readying the body for the train journey to New Orleans" (mentioned in pages cited.)



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Another role for Mrs. Inge...
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