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Who was the Chief of Artillery for the confederate army during the battle?

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Sorry Ozzy,

These are not the correct answer.  One of these officers was a engineering officer and General Hawes was a cavalry officer who was appointed to the position of chief of cavalry. 

General Hawes did not assume this duty.  The other officers mentioned were never considered for the position Chief of Artillery..    


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Along with details of Hawes, Brown and R.B. Lee, the Telegram of March 31st states "an artillery officer will be sent." In other words, "the check is in the mail." No one is offered by name for assignment as chief artillery officer... which is the correct answer to your quiz question.

Or are you doubting the word of Robert E. Lee?  :)

All the best



Reference:  http://civilwar.rosenbach.org/?m=201203  Telegram of March 31st 1862: Lee to Beauregard


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Hello Ozzy,

I would never question General Robert E Lee on anything except the weather, perhaps.  The position of Chief of Artillery in the western confederate army remained vacant until about August when Major James H Hallonquist was promoted to Lt. Col. and  appointed as Chief of Artillery.  This appointment was at the start of the Kentucky campaign in summer 1862 resulting in the Battle of Perrysville.  Actually, his selection for this job proved to be a bad choice.  He seemed to concentrate on minor matters and let others try to handle the important affairs of the artillery service. 


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