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"New book titled Courage and Devotion".

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Just received my copy of "Courage and Devotion" from Amazon at good price and no delivery charge.  It is a good book, very interesting while giving a good biography of the battery.  It mentions about a dozen other artillery batteries.  Discussion of other campaigns, battles, casualties and personnel assignment and losses.  Author is Bruce R. Kindig, book is from Author House, Bloomington Indiana  47403.  The ISBN nbr 978-1-4969-1836-9 and the printer's web site is www.authorhouse.com.  Telephone number is 1-800-839-8640.

Very good book, I recommend it.  It answers many questions such as why did the battery have six officers when only five was authorized?  All of the six officers were needed to fill vacancies, Capt. Scott, the battery commander in 1864 had replaced Capt. Bankhead but was now sick.  Lt Marsh was wounded, Lt Watson was wounded and taken prisoner,  Lt. Peters was absent without leave, and he never returned.  Lt. Doscher was also a prisoner at this time.  So who is left to command the battery?  Nobody!  The battery was disbanded on December 9, 1863 on Missionary Ridge. 

Enjoy reading the book, I did.


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