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Fanny Bullitt.jpg  Pittsburg Landing, April 1862.


Ran across the above image while searching for something else. It was filed under "Steamers at Chickasaw Bluff" on a Civil War website (but it is obviously not Chickasaw Bluff, Mississippi.)




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Barge Ripley (2).jpg

Pittsburg Landing, about April 16th 1862 (including what is probably Barge Ripley; and in the distance, a Navy timberclad.)

From Indiana at Shiloh: report of the Commission; compiled by John W. Coons (1904).


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Thanks for these pictures. Particularly the second picture shows how rickety the gangplanks were and without railings. I believe the Governor of Wisconsin drowned because of this feature. Louis Harvey had been Governor only 3 months when he drowned in the Tennesee River at Shiloh. I believe he was actually crossing from one boat to another when he fell in. Surgeon George Hammond apparently drowned just above Vicksburg in 1863,  falling (or pushed?) off the Hospital Steamer R.C. Wood (formerly the City of Lousiana) while it was underway. Commentary in his death announcement was that "hope was held out as he was known to be a strong swimmer".  Then, of course, there was Sultana.

Steamboating was a dangerous sport even if the boilers didn't explode. General Lafayette almost drowned on the Ohio River during his 1824 "victory lap" around the country when his steamer hit a snag and sank in minutes.

Harvey Governor of Wisconsin Shiloh 1862.JPG

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