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Epic Trek with Tim 2018: Sweet Home Alabama Edition

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Hello everyone. This is to let you know that we're ready to go with our next Epic Trek, with historian Tim Smith. This will be our seventh consecutive year with Tim, and it promises to be another great experience. Here are the details:

Price: $30 per person. Payable on the morning of the hike. 

Date: November 3rd, 2018.

Location: Shiloh National Military Park 

Start Time/Place: 8:00 a.m. at Ed Shaw's, just south of the park. (Not completely set in stone just yet on Shaw's, but Mona or I will keep you posted.) If you're not sure how to get there, don't worry, we've got you covered. :)

Focus of this year's hike: We're going to be following in the footsteps of the Confederate army's Alabama troops, and learning about their experience at Shiloh. (See professionally drawn map, below.)

Overview: We'll be heading out from or near Ed Shaw's, and head off toward Spain Field with the Alabama troops of Gladden's Brigade. From there we'll reinforce John K. Jackson's Bama boys as they navigate their way through the ravines east of the Peach Orchard and help encircle the Union soldiers trapped in the Hornet's Nest.

Then we'll re-up with some of Gladden's men and plunge into the Canyon of Pittsburg Landing, better known as Dill Branch Ravine. Then on to lunch near the visitors center.

After lunch it's off to the west side of the park, across Canyon Jr. (Tilghman Branch), to the site of Ketchum's Alabama Battery. Then we'll begin working our way back to the south along the April 7th battle lines, and our starting point at Shaw's.

Total distance for this hike looks to be roughly nine miles, with terrain ranging from easy to most definitely not easy.  We should finish up between 4:00 and 6:00, based on previous hikes. As always, sturdy hiking footwear is strongly recommended.

Here's that (not quite) professionally done map, outlining our basic route through the park:


Check back here for updates, and feel free to ask questions either here, via Private message, or by email @pcuskey@gmail.com. Hope to see everyone in November. 


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13 hours ago, WarEagle said:

Thank you Mona.  I will be there - Kevin McCauley from Northport, AL

Thanks...got you down...

and if everybody else can let me know it will be great! or you will have to eat hardtack and water from the tennessee river--just kidding but i want to have plenty.

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I plan to attend.

Since I don't want to spend essentially twenty-four hours round trip on the road for a one-day hike, I will lead a Not-So-Epic hike on Sunday, November 4, following the route of Trabue's Kentucky Brigade (with hint of Alabama in keeping with the theme of the Epic Hike) on the First Day, conditions permitting.  Let's meet at Tour Stop 13 (Water Oaks Pond).  We'll head over to Tablet 448 and then find our way to the junction of the Hamburg - Savannah and Corinth-Pittsburg Roads, where Trabue's Brigade closed the encirclement of the Hornet's Nest.  Depending on our energy, we can then head over to the Indian Mounds where the Brigade came under fire of the gunboats on the evening of April 6 or head back to Tour Stop 13.   We will be bushwacking in the upper reaches of Tilghman Branch.  

If we head back to Tour Stop 13, the distance is about two to three miles.  Going to the Indian Mounds would add another couple of miles (or almost so).  Alternatively, we could stage vehicles there and shuttle survivors of the hike back to Water Oaks Pond.

No reservations are necessary, although I would like an indication of interest when we assemble for the Epic Hike.

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On 10/20/2018 at 4:44 PM, Transylvania said:


Mark Weber, who came down to the 2014 Epic Hike (Chalmers' Brigade) with me, will be attending the 2018 Epic Hike.  Please consider this message to be his reservation / meal ticket.  I hope that I already have a reservation / meal ticket.

thanks..see yall sat.!

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