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I've always been one who believed, "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water." So when this original NPS film of Shiloh was discovered on YouTube, it seemed appropriate to add it to the references section, for others to view. And having it available allows discussion of the good and bad aspects of this 60+ year old work:

  • First, it is in color, and the views of the battlefield circa 1956 permit identification of changes over time;
  • There is an attempt at balance: the efforts and sacrifice of both opponents are given fair treatment in respect to each other;
  • The most obvious error: giving credit to General Prentiss for the action of Colonel Peabody in sending out Powell's patrol;
  • The second most obvious error: NO mention of William Tecumseh Sherman and the actions of the Fifth Division;
  • Third most obvious error: no mention of McClernand, Hurlbut or Stuart (or Webster or Powell)
  • Although the models used were mediocre, the effort to recognize the Navy's contribution is commendable;
  • The attempt is made to explain Bloody Pond, the Peach Orchard, the Sunken Road, and the Hornet's Nest (for the benefit of park visitors)
  • The charts and drawings used are simple, but reasonably accurate (especially the depiction of Grant's Last Line).

Although this film has obvious flaws, it is an easy matter for those of us who study the Battle of Shiloh to recognize those flaws... and enjoy the telling of the story. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbjXqwAOhgw   Posted on YouTube by LionHeart Film Works on 6 April 2019.



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in today's light we can find alot of flaws in this film but in its defense..it was the first film portrayed for viewing at a battlefield, really reinacting had not come around as we know today so they recruited theater students from memphis state and there was a connection down in mississippi so several students from school there came up to portray soldiers and a factory there made some uniforms..and several locals were involved. and at this time i believe they did as well as could be on the animation .i believe it opened the door to all we have today in portraying  battle action documentaries that we all view today.


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