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Willis Brewer was not at Shiloh. Born in 1844, he joined the Confederate Army at age of 18 and performed clerical duties, until incorporated onto the staff of General Wirt Adams. After the War he became involved in politics and in 1892 published a comprehensive "Alabama: her history, Resources, War Record and Public Men." Although the first several chapters are interesting, for our purposes the most important information begins page 589: "War Record - War Between the States." Beginning with the 1st Alabama Infantry, every regiment of infantry, artillery and cavalry from Alabama is recorded, along with significant engagements, and key personnel. The Infantry regiments are listed in order; Clanton's 1st Alabama Cavalry begins page 677 and Brewer's Mississippi & Alabama Battalion gains mention beginning page 691 (8th Confederate Regiment). Ketchum's Battery on page 696 and Gage's Battery on page 698. Miscellaneous commands begin page 705.

There are a few surprises to be found in the histories of the Alabama regiments... but will leave the interested reader to find those, herself.

https://archive.org/details/alabamaherhisto00brewgoog/page/n597  Brewer's Alabama History.

Biography of Willis Brewer:  http://www.encyclopediaofalabama.org/article/h-3799


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Hope you are able to find what you are looking for. For possible assistance, the attached link is for Family Search, the Mormon Church ancestry search site provided free on the internet ( but requires two minutes to establish an account.) I've used Family Search with great success for the past ten years.



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