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yes...the info is all on the facebook page and not here  you go figure..but sat am we leave out at 8am so get there earlier to pay tim 30.00 cash..we will meet at the visitor center..and then car caravan down to the church were we will begin our trek..lunch will be somewhere along the way...ive got sandwich galore and jeanie will have snickerdoodles and other cookies..we will end up at the v.c...see you sat..it is very very wet here ..the place looks like the battle just happened with many many trees down from sat storm.

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I watched the Prentiss walk on You-Tube-- It was awesome, but there is an addition... At Fraley? Field and the first contact between the 3rd Miss Batt. and the 25th Missouri-- Professor Tim stated he believed the troops were armed with smoothbores... No they were not... Research shows the 25th MO. were issued  Model 1842 rifles, .69 cal. firing big minies with long range rear sites and the Confederates some had rifles and even Sharps Rifles-- a very accurate and devastating weapon. The casualties were minimal-- not because of the use of smoothbores, but the darkness and distance between the contestants. At distances of 300 yards or more-- a soldier would have trouble sighting in and hitting a target-- especially when bullets are flying your way. The 16th Wisconsin were armed with the Class A Dresden Suhl Rifle, the 12th Michigan with .54 caliber Austrian rifles, and the 21st MO, Model 1842 rifled muskets, .69 caliber --all of them in Peabody's Brigade. The 23rd and 21st wore short jackets and bummers, the 18th Wisconsin in the State 5 button blouse and bummers some in black hats, and the 12th, I am still working on as to uniforms-- Tom 

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The 11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment on Dec 2 1861 received Prussian muskets.[9] Flank Companies received Springfield model 1857 instead the Prussian muskets which the rest of the regiment had received.[10] The 11th Infantry received 800 smooth bore Prussian muskets and 200 French rifled muskets.

The 12th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment was issued part of the 4,000 Austrian rifled muskets that had recently arrived.

The 13th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment was issued arms from the same shipment as the 12th Regiment. Another report indicates that the first arms they received were Springfield rifles.[11]

The 14th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment originally received one hundred State owned smooth bore muskets. The 14th Infantry, Mulligan Regiment, Quinn Regiment and Stuart Regiment received Austrian rifles on January 29 1862.


The 12th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment, a.k.a. the Quinn Regiment was mustered into federal service on March 15 1862 in Niles Michigan. The first regimental commander was Colonel Francis Quinn of Niles.


Their first issued uniforms were provided by the federal government, to include the boots and hats. This was part of a shipment of equipment sent to Captain Lee the US Army Quartermaster in Detroit from New York and Philadelphia. Captain received at that time 200 boxes of clothing, 3,000 suits in total, which had arrived for the 12th, 13th and 14 Infantry Regiments . One former member of Company D indicated that army blue uniforms were arriving in January of 1862.


A photograph of the 12th Regiment at Camp Barker (Niles Michigan) taken before the regiment left Michigan shows enlisted men in short dark blouses, most wear dark trousers but some wear light trousers. All wear dark hats. Only one enlisted man wears a frock coat. The green and gray blankets purchased for this regiment were worthless and quickly replaced.

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