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Distances across fields of fire, Where can I find them.

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OK.- Maybe it's me but, Maps of Shiloh and distances. Does anyone know of a study or maps that show distances in yards between opposing sides. Case in point the Hornet's Nest. How wide was Duncan field? Was it 200 yards to the edge of Federal held fence and thickets? 300 yards? What was the distance between the 53rd Ohio and the 26th Tennessee and 6th Mississippi which resulted in so many casualties. Working on the Hornet's Nest fight and a few others as to the effectiveness of rifles that would cause the Confederates to avoid the open field and use the surrounding woods to advance.  I do not know if aerial maps are available or again maybe someone has calculated distances across the Battlefield. I am going to Shiloh in the Spring to measure myself if no such study exists.  Shiloh is awesome... 

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"How accurate were these guns? In a modern test conducted in 1971, various rifles fired fifteen shots at 400 yards at a 72” X 72” wooden target. A US-made Springfield rifle-musket managed only 7 hits while a British Enfield scored 13. By contrast the .69 caliber M1842 smoothbore made no hits at that distance. The .45 caliber Whitworth sharpshooter’s rifle, however, got 15 hits out of 15 shots." -- Picketing, Skirmishing and Sharpshooting by Fred Ray (2019) in Essential Civil War Curriculum https://www.essentialcivilwarcurriculum.com/picketing,-skirmishing,-and-sharpshooting.html .

It is my belief that the superior range of accurate fire offered by Springfield, Enfield and Lorenz rifle-muskets was substantially negated at Shiloh due to terrain (too many trees) and persistence in use of Mexican War tactics in operation of infantry regiments (men lined up shoulder-to-shoulder blasting coordinated "walls of lead" at shotgun range.) In addition, the thick, ground-hugging clouds of black powder smoke, produced after only a handful of coordinated musket discharges, prohibited even the most excellent marksmen from taking aimed shots at max effective range of their weapons.

That being said, in my study of Battle of Shiloh references, the only organization I have encountered, likely to have measured fields of fire, is Civil War Landscapes Association. During the past ten years, this group has produced, and refined detailed and highly accurate maps of the Shiloh Battlefield for various times of day, during April 6 and April 7. Unfortunately, for nearly a year, CWLA has been unresponsive on their webpage (and an attempt to reach them at phone 773 - 667 - 7652 has been unsuccessful.)

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True-True-True and I have already stated in my work that the smoothbore was a very effective weapon at Shiloh due to the terrain.  I have one Wisconsin soldier, armed with rifles, who made the comment that standing in ranks firing volleys at the enemy in the open was a way to draw bullets and cannon balls. That the men in his Company very quickly learned to take cover behind trees and in ditches and pop away at the advancing Confederates. In his own words, "they knocked down many."  I have also found a study done that Battles in the Napoleonic times produced a lot more casualties using smoothbores and cannon balls due to the distances fired and the Battles being fought in open areas. Years later at the Crimea 1854  and in Italy 1859,  casualties were lower due to rifles and how they were used. Men were killed at further distances and took cover as opposed to marching straight into volley fire at close range. Very interesting. I do have some Shiloh Veterans who complained about what they were issued in terms of firearms, smoothbores and flint muskets and how they could not stand up to rifle fire at Shiloh. Lots to digest here. I will find those distances. Tom

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