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Dr Munford's address to the Confederate Assn Memphis

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Hello, Need your help again. In 1871 a Dr Munford gave an address in Memphis Tennessee on Albert Sidney Johnston. I found it once on the internet, but somehow I lost it in my bookmarks. Does anyone have a copy of this address? Dr. Munford is mentioned many times in J. E. Johnstons book on his father. Thank you in advance. Tom

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Edward Munford (aka Dr. E. W. Munford and Col. Edward W. Munford)


After the Civil War Colonel Edward Munford (formerly Staff Officer with rank of Major to General Albert Sidney Johnston) became a Member of the Board of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, and permanently relocated from Clarksville to Memphis (where he was also a “member” of The Confederate Relief and Historical Association of Memphis... sometimes called the Confederate Association of Memphis.) He was asked to give a presentation on the Life and Services of General Johnston in October 1871; but being unwell, he deferred complying with that request until November.



Memphis Daily Appeal of 31 OCT 1871 page 4 col.3 “General A. S. Johnson” [Misspell in original and article informs reader that Col. Munford's speech is delayed.]

Memphis Public Ledger of 3 NOV 1871 page 3 col.3 “Colonel Munford's Lecture Postponed”

Memphis Public Ledger of 13 NOV 1871 pg.3 col.3 “Col. Munford to give Lecture next Wednesday evening [22 NOV] at the Hall of the Association on The Life and Services of General A. Sidney Johnston”

Memphis Public Ledger of 16 NOV 1871 pg.3 col.3 “Col. Munford gave his lecture last night on the Life and Services of General A. Sidney Johnston at the Memphis Club Hall”

Knoxville Weekly Chronicle of 29 NOV 1871 p.6 col.2 “Anecdote of General Albert Sidney Johnston from Col. Munford's recent Speech in Memphis”

https://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus:text:2001.05.0129:chapter=1.2&highlight=johnston  [See note.]

https://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A2001.05.0129%3Achapter%3D1.23%3Apage%3D294  [See note.]


[Note: The speech was available in full through Perseus Tufts “19th Century-American” Chapter 37 a few years ago; but the link appears to have been broken.] Above information provided to allow search for the complete speech elsewhere.

https://tslaindexes.tn.gov/database-military-records/members-confederate-relief-and-historical-association-memphis  [Archives of this organization's minutes and presentations should be on file, somewhere...]

https://tennesseeencyclopedia.net/entries/west-tennessee-historical-society/  The WTHS should hold the archived records of the Confederate Relief and Historical Association.

The Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (Tulane University) may hold a copy of Colonel Munford's speech [derived from Wiley Sword's bibliography for "Shiloh: Bloody April" page 469 in https://www.morphyauctions.com/jamesdjulia/wp-content/uploads/images/auctions/369/prov/54189.PDF ].

https://filsonhistorical.org/filson-finds-the-johnston-family-papers/  A Munford connection to AS Johnston at Filson Historical Society [unknown if they possess a copy of Munford's 1871 Speech.]

http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/nebrowser?id=munford%2Cedward%2Cw.&start=1&order=asc&query=Perseus:text:2001.05.0003  [Revisited Perseus Tufts and examined every entry for "Edward W. Munford" ...but without success.]

The Weekly Democratic Statesman (newspaper of Austin Texas) dated 1 AUG 1871 page 2 bottom of Col.3 contained an interesting "response to the ongoing denigration of Southern Heroes: Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Sidney Johnston." [Reaction to this trend may have inspired the request for Dr. Munford's speech later in 1871 in Memphis.] https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn83021327/1871-08-01/ed-1/seq-2/#date1=1871&index=0&rows=20&words=Johnston+Sidney&searchType=basic&sequence=0&state=Texas&date2=1871&proxtext=Sidney+Johnston&y=0&x=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&page=1





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Search effort (completed.)
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"The Life and Service of General Albert Sidney Johnston" [a speech given in Memphis at Memphis Club Hall on the evening of 15 NOV 1871] was delivered by Colonel Edward W. Munford, late on the Staff of General Johnston. In attendance for the speech were Jefferson Davis, General Ewell, General Walthall and General Frayser. The speech is printed on page 4 columns 3 and 4 of the Memphis Daily Appeal of 16 NOV 1871 and is available Library of Congress site Chronicling America:


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I got it OZZY thank you. But, the one I found was an explanation of why Johnston's Army was called a Mob! Johnstons son wrote the book about his father and mentioned Munfords words many times. The section of that book I am working with is the one on the lack of small arms. Lots and lots of notes on the shortage of Arms in Department No. 2. Munford did his address in 1871 and Johnston's son seemed very impressed with it and Munfords remembrances on the Army of the Mississippi are very interesting. I know I saved it but now cannot find it!! Tom

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