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West Point Students and friends column of two's attack

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I saw this and wanted my fellow Shilohians to view what a two man front and advance looked like-- This is it-- just picture in your mind a line like this 2 milles long and 3 files like this one in depth. With all the flags, the Officers mounted in front, horse drawn cannons racing between the ranks-- the drums and the music--


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Thanks for finding and posting the above video.

As regards the actual alignment of the Confederate attacking force of three lines on the morning of April 6th 1862, I would hate to have been in the FIRST Line... with men carrying loaded muskets in front of me, and men carrying loaded muskets (with potential for rounds fired by those muskets to fly half a mile) BEHIND me.

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The number of men in line-- 3 deep and so paces behind is what I am looking for.  There is a soldier in the 16th Wisconsin on the initial contact at Fraley Field and Peabody's stand, he wrote of the line after line of Confederates coming down and on both sides of the Corinth Road. I do remember again reading by early afternoon the Confederates had in some areas dropped the tactic of shoulder to shoulder and moved in staggered lines firing or running as they advanced. Thank you Tom


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