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Hi-It depends on what you want to concentrate on for a short visit-so that you utilixe your time effectively-I do know at your last visit you were unable to go down to the river through Cloud field so I guess that would be a beginning-to see the Indian mounds and Dill branch ravine.Let me know if i can be of any help .


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Mona - so Riverside Drive is open again? Can you drive across Dill Branch Ravine as well, or is that still closed off?

Mike - My sister used to live just down the street from you, in Oregon City. One of these days I have to get back up there. Just a beautiful area.

On 'must sees' at Shiloh, that could get to be a long list. I'm sure Mona would make for a good tour guide. Is there any certain aspect of the battle or campaign that you're interested in the most? That might be a good place to focus on.

Something else I might toss out for consideration. If you don't already have one, you might think about picking up a copy of the Blue & Gray special issue on Shiloh when you make it to the park, or order it through the bookstore before you leave - 731-689-3475. I've checked the eparks website, but I don't see the magazine listed there, so it could be you can only order it over the phone.

In any case, at the end of Stacy Allen's article on the battle are several driving tours that you can follow. One is the tour through the park itself, and simply follows the main tour route. But the others allow you to re-trace the Confederate approach to Shiloh, Nelson's march from Savannah to the battlefield, and Lew Wallace's misdirected march on April 6th.

There's also the Interpretive Center down in Corinth, which I haven't seen yet myself. But it seems to get rave reviews from those who have.

A couple of things inside the park that I'll mention, just because they're a bit out of the ordinary. You may have already seen both, but just in case. One is the Putnam Stump, located along the Eastern Corinth Road about halfway between the Sunken Road and the Hamburg-Purdy Road. The other is a Union cannon located just across the Hamburg-Savannah Road (east) from the Peach Orchard. There's a small monument to Willard's Battery A, including two cannons. As you're standing behind the cannons, the one on the right has a small plaque on the barrel indicating that that exact cannon barrel occupied that same spot on April 6th during the battle. I've always thought that was pretty neat.


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Hi Perry Yes- they opened the road weekend of 10-15-08  without any fanfare-I guess they didnt want a big onslought of traffic.and from what I've witnessed when I'm out there there is still not much going through yet-so it can still be my little private sanctuary up on the big mound(now they've got steps going up on the N-S-W sides and a plank walkway up on top and a granite bench up there so it's really nice and also 2 plaques explaining 1-the Indian culture of the mound builders and 2 a crosssection desciption of the mound and its damage from erosion this on is on the north foot ofthe mound).Also wanted every body to know that for some reason the Hardin County tourism Board is having a 114th Birthday Party for the park--nothing like this by them has been done before--on 12-29-08 at ~~2pm It really hasnt been announced yet but should be in the paper this week and I'll fill in if there are any differences.so if any of yall are close by stop in as this on a Monday may not draw alot or may draw many we will see.


P.S. And I do agree with Perry that if you'll get your hands on the Blue and Gray Shiloh edition and look at it first and decide what you want to concentrate on then go for it-They have a Corinth edition at Corinth.You just cant do it all in that short of time but alas!-it gives you a good reason to come back.Be glad to help you but i do have to work on Mondays but sundays I'm open and alot of the time out there,.

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Yes--I can met you on that Sunday and show around .If you will let me know soon what areas you want to study/see that will give me time to set it all up so we can utilize our time effectively.We can meet at the Visitor Center and anybody else around available please come.Let me know--


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Hi Mona

logistics; my event in Nashville on Sunday ends 11am, seems to me

drive to Shiloh 3 hours? Arrive 2pm ish? Is that worth your time to tour?

I would love to see Cloud field, the Indian mounds and Dill Branch ravine...while this would be sufficient and depending on time

and nightfall I would also like to retrace Lew Wallace's misdirected march.

If it makes sense to communicate directly here's my cell phone 503-784-1101

or I would call you on my dime if you desire

I called and ordered the Blue and Gray publication the challenge will be

is it going to arrive here in time, ordered Monday Dec 29th


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Hi wherein Nashville is your meeting??Because it depends on what side of town you are as to how long it'll take you but--about 3 hr. Any time out there is worth my time--it's supposed to be partly cloudy but no rain--thank goodness--And about mid 40's  .The Cloud field/ Dill branch ravine/indian mounds will work and wallace's ill fated march we can get done I beleive.I have the Blue Gray Shiloh issue so it's always in my truck so dont worry about that ok.the best phone # to reach me at(I just refuse to get a cell phone)is at work 731-632-4050--Between 9-12 and 2-5CST if you get the answering machine just begin to talk and if I'm not witha patient I'll pick up but if i'm busy just leave message and I'll call you right back-now I close at noon CST on Wed.this way we can plan meeting time best at the VC.I did the driving tour of Wallace's march several years ago with Tim Smith so I can show you.oh, yall get you something to eat on the way down as there is nothing much in Shiloh and you dont want to waste precious time standing in line at Hagy's before our tour.OK   Looking forward to your visit--mona

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