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Hi.  I live in Tempe, Arizona  I have been a student of the CW for 30 years.  I have eight ancestors who fought for the Federals and a whole lot more for the Confederacy.  Shiloh is one of many battles in which I have an interest.  I am a member of the Scottsdale, Arizona CWRT,  Battlefield Trust,  Civil War Talk.  I look forward to learning more about Shiloh

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Jim Davis

Welcome to SDG, the best Shiloh discussion site on the internet. All aspects of the Tennessee River campaign are open for discussion: the budding team of Grant, Sherman and McPherson; the near success of the Rebel operation at Shiloh (and why that failure occurred); precursors to the Battle at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson; after-effects of the Battle, including the Crawl to Corinth and POW experience of captured soldiers confined in the North and South; the contribution of the Navy; the reliance upon transport steamers; and the experience of local civilians. Diaries, letters and personal journals of Shiloh participants are referenced throughout this site, and most are available online. To find them, use the Search Box at the top of the Home Page, and search for diary, or letter... and the whole collection of those resources is presented as a list. When searching for a specific topic (“Albert Sidney Johnston” or “Pittsburg Landing” or any other subject of two words or more) enclose the Search term in quotations and then hit Enter. As well, this SDG site has a collection of Shiloh-specific videos produced by Tony Willoughby and featuring Bjorn Skaptason that memorialize important aspects of the April 1862 contest.

Looking forward to your revelations, criticisms and considered opinions.




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